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Splendide Washer and Dryer Combo

Appliance Parts of Oregon offers Splendide components for RV washer & dryer combos. To find the ideal washer & dryer for your vehicle, you need one that's solid, small & guarantees perfect drainage & venting.

Another great option for your RV is having a unit that offers a extra wide door opening giving you optimal wash options. When living or traveling in an RV you want your unit to perform with no mishaps.

That is why we can install or offer advice for a drain pan with hose that’s installed before the dryer and washer are installed.

If your RV appliance starts to leak, the water will drain through the rv holding tanks allowing easier water drainage.

How to properly Install your new Splendide Dryer

Appliance Parts of Oregon knows how to Install Washing machines and dryers to fit in your RV. That’s why we offer the full line of Splendide washers and dryers for your RV. Drainage and venting hookups are very important in order for your Splendide washer and dryer to operate.

Many customers ask what are the best types of dryers that are built tough for your RV? The answer is simple! Splendide washer and dryer combo units offer the best in the market when it comes to proper water drainage and venting.

Splendide offers ventless Dryers, however we have some advice when it comes to choosing a optional kit for vented and ventless dryers.

If you choose to have a Splendide ventless dryer, you are putting that moisture into the air in your RV. Moisture can cause mold in your RV and you don’t want to go down that road.

We can Install a vent in your RV for your splendide vented dryer. This allows for all moisture to escape the RV keeping your RV free from moisture. Although if you are a full time RV traveler, or RV full time family, you should run a dehumidifier at times to help reduce the amount of moisture in your RV.

Tool that will be required to Install a vented dryer unit will be the following: Drill or impact, 4 inch hole saw, painter tape and silicone. Please click on this link to see how the install is done. You can also call us at Appliance Parts of Oregon to schedule an Install of your ne RV washer and dryer units.

If your RV does not have room for both a washer and dryer sets, Splendide makes an all in one washer and dryer combo. This allows you to wash and dry your clothes out of only one unit.

After the wash cycle completes, the dry cycle then initiates drying your clothes completely. You may need to run the dry cycle more than once depending on your was load size. Its good practice to always refer to the close fitting installations to ensure your properly using.

After a few wash cycles its always a good idea to clean your RV washer and dryer. Splendide offers a clean cycle feature that cleans your unit. Depending were you travel water quality varies from RV site. For instructions on how to clean your Splendide washer and dryer click here.

And we almost forgot the most important when it comes to doing laundry with you Splendide washer and dryer in your RV.

Checking water levels is a must! If you are draining your washer and dryer grey water into your holding tanks, water level checks must be performed at your control panel thats located in your RV.

If you are staying at a full hookup RV site, we recommend that your keep your grey tanks open allowing constant flow from your RV to the septic system at the RV site you are staying at.

Splendide Washer and Dryer Mounting Kit

If you are worried about your washer and drying falling over in your RV, well you don’t have to worry anymore. Splendide makes a washer and dryer mounting kit that helps secure your washer and dryer in your RV while traveling.

When your washer goes into a fast wash cycle it can run the risk of falling or tipping over in your RV causing water, or physical damage to your coach. We highly recommend that you install a mounting kit for you Splendide washer and dryer unit.

Splendide RV Washer and Dryer Repair Parts

If you have a Splendide washer and dryer that needs repair parts. Please call Appliance Parts of Oregon for all Splendide washer and dryer repair parts.


These products can routinely need maintenance. When you purchase repair parts for Splendide washers and dryers we warranty the part for 90 days for easy exchanges in case your repair parts are faulty.

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